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AED Care package

Lots of business across East-Sussex are increasingly recognising a need to have life saving AED's within their location. AED's can be the difference in a cardiac arrest between life or death, drastically increasing the percentage's of survival with early use of an AED. This is why we know it is important to ensure they are in working order. 

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Book your AED inspection visit today!

Once you've contacted us, you will have the choice of:

- One off inspection £40

- Monthly inspections over 12 months £25 per inspection 

- 6 Monthly inspections £35 per inspection

The inspection will consist of:

Visual check for damage

Visual check for readiness of AED

Check of installation date of Batteries

Check batteries are in date

Check Pads are in date

Check pads are the correct for this model of AED

Check the battery charge

Communicate with the manufacturer to ensure there are no recall's or updates on your model of AED

If it has not been done within the previous 3 months the inspector will run the AED through a self test- if appropriate for your model.

Once your AED has been checked you will receive an AED readiness check report. This will outline if any concerns have been highlighted, if any immediate action is required (with advice on how to take the required action), and the dates in-which batteries and pads will need renewing. 

At this time we are only offering this service at the posted price within East-Sussex, this service is available outside of East-Sussex on an individually quoted basis.   

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